Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation


At Sucasa Air, we offer not just the different types of air-conditioning units to our clients, but qualified aircon installation for these units as well. The aircon installation service is extremely important and must be completed by a professional and qualified technician to ensure the clients aircon units work correctly and optimally. This guide will give you all you need to know about aircon installation in just six minutes reading time.


Back to back residential aircon installation




At Sucasa Air, we offer a package of supply and installation and the installation is originally quoted as a standard “back to back” installation. This type of installation is the standard, most cost effective and simplest type of installation. The back to back installation at Sucasa Air requires brackets (to mount the outdoor condenser unit), recommends 3m copper piping kits (using 3m piping kits allows for less vibrations on the outdoor condenser unit), one length of PVC drain conduit (this is used to drain the water out from the unit), one core hole drilled (for the pipe work between indoor and outdoor units).


The back to back aircon installation does not include, additional core hole drilling, additional drain conduit lengths, water pumps, electrical, PVC (100×40) trunking etc (which is used to mask the piping between indoor and outdoor units for aesthetics).


Residential aircon installation using additional materials




As seen above, if the installation is not back to back, additional materials and labour may be required. These are charged out to the client for the additional items needed for the installation. At Sucasa Air, we believe in full transparency and clients are notified upfront that if the unit is not installed back to back, additional fees may be incurred.


Once our teams are onsite for the installation and have completed the site inspection and confirmed positioning of the aircon units with the client, the team notifies the client of any additional materials or labour required to complete the installation.


The client thereafter approves the additional materials required and charges prior to the team beginning the installation. This ensures that the client knows exactly what is being charged and used as well as the rates they are required to pay above the standard installation fee. Once complete, the clients signs off the job and materials used on the job card.


Aircon installation using a water pump


Some installations are not as simple as the standard installation. One of the additional items which may be needed for the installation in offices or residential homes, is a water pump. These water pumps are used In occasions where the aircon installation is positioned in a way where water drainage is routed against gravity and the water is required to be pumped up and then out of the system.


These pumps are charged out separately to the clients and are also required to be serviced/maintained bi-annually. They have a limited warranty and can be subject to failure due to power cuts/electrical surges. For some positioning of aircon units, these pumps are unavoidable and are required to be used. However, they are quite expensive and require additional maintenance therefore clients are notified of this upfront prior to installation to ensure they understand the risks associated with using the water pump.


Aircon installation using brackets/rubber mounts


At Sucasa Air, we include galvanized bracket and bolt sets in our installation rates as a bonus to our clients. The bracket sets are used to mount the outdoor condenser units on the outdoor wall to keep the condenser stable at different heights. Some clients have aircon installation requests where the outdoor condenser units are placed on the roof floor or balcony floors. In this case, we use rubber mounts/mats under the outdoor condenser units to ensure it is stable and to avoid vibrations.


Aircon installation in different areas


At Sucasa Air, we offer installation in Gauteng. However, our installation rates online are given as standard and are valid for areas within 40km from Midrand, Johannesburg. Areas that are further away are subject to additional transport charges depending on the distance as well as additional daily, labour and accommodation rates if the aircon installation time is required for more than one day.


Commercial aircon installation




In commercial/industrial settings, larger type aircons may be required which require longer installation times and are more complex to install. These types of installations usually require more materials, time and labour to complete and are therefore charged out at higher rates than the standard mid-wall split unit aircon installations. These types of installations may also require more than 1 day to complete due to the complexity of the installation.




Removal and reinstallation of aircons


At Sucasa Air, we believe in giving our clients the best value for money. Even though most aircons are installed “permanently”, if clients move from their homes and offices after spending money on their aircon units, we offer clients the service of removing the aircon from their current premises and re-installing this in the new premises at a certain re-installation rate/charge.

This way, our clients can ensure the aircon unit is being removed and re-installed professionally and they are able to keep the unit they purchased without having to get a new one. Where possible, we also re-use existing materials making the installation process more affordable for the client.


Chasing of pipework in aircon installations


In some developments, clients require the piping work to not be visible and rather chased into the walls for best final outcome in terms of aesthetics. At Sucasa Air, we offer chasing of pipework and drains where required at additional rates per metre required. However the patchwork and painting is to be completed by the clients builder for this. It is extremely important for the pipes to be untouched once laid and tested for leaks as once the walls are closed, access is extremely limited and if any leaks occur, the wall has to be re-opened for this to be repaired.


Patching and painting in installations


When installing an aircon, drilling is required in which patching and repainting may be required for certain installations. At Sucasa Air, we patch any holes being made with polyfilla, however we do not offer any permanent patching, waterproofing or painting. It is for the client to get this completed if required. However, we do try and patch using the polyfilla to make sure the holes are closed and kept as neat as possible until the client can get the patching and painting completed by a professional builder.



Electrical to be completed in aircon installations


We can assist with normal back to back installations in lighting speed however it is quite difficult to quote on electrical installations to the DB on the onset as every customer’s electrical requirements are different. In certain cases customer’s distribution boards are full and they require a sub-distribution board and in other cases the electrical installation can be quite far which makes it quite complex. In instances where the distribution board is quite far from the unit, there may be a requirement to drill through multiple walls. This can be quite a time consuming and costly exercise as cable will also be required to run through to the distribution board.


To comply with requirements, each air conditioning unit is required to have its own isolating switch which is then connected to its own circuit breaker on the distribution board. We do recommend that this is done with an electrician that has previously worked in the house so he/she is aware of the existing services. While we can assist with electrical quotations, we prefer this done by an electrical company as this is not our core offering and these services can usually be performed at better fees by an electrician who offers these at great prices as it is their core business.




Time required for aircon installations


Standard back to back installation takes around 2-3 hours per aircon unit on average inclusive of time required to test the unit as well as tidy up after installation. However, installations that are more complex, may require additional time. Depending on the materials required, complexity as well as factors such as type of wall eg. Concrete installation may take longer than the standard 2 hours.


In installations which require chasing work, additional delays may take place as the installation is sometimes completed in stages and builders may need to complete certain aspects prior to the team continuing with installation. There are instances where customers require us to do the chasing work, while we do assist with this, it is preferable that the builder commences with this as the builder is usually made aware of all existing services in the wall.


What happens after installation?


After the aircon installation has been completed, the technical team will test the unit for a period of time. They will then record temperatures to ensure that the unit is working optimally. Once installation has been completed, the customer will sign the job card to confirm that all installation work was completed as required and the customer is then happy to conclude the order.


Our installation teams are also usually happy to assist our clients with guiding them through the basic functionality of the aircon system. They usually assist clients with guiding them through how to change the unit from heating to cooling as well as changing fan speed and lourve direction.


After installation and order conclusion, it is important to know that the unit will need to be serviced annually or bi-annually (if operated in a dusty environment or used heavily). The service will ensure that warranties are maintained and that the unit functions optimally.


Sucasa Air’s aircon installation pricing


We at Sucasa Air at delighted to let our customers know that we try and optimise our pricing to be as affordable as possible. Our aircon installations are conducted by experienced professionals who give the best service at the prices. As we operate on a fairly large scale, through economies of scale we are able to offer low pricing to our customer for aircon installations.


Aircon installations can also be booked online through our online store. We have made it extremely simple to get this booked through our innovative customer channels. The installation option can be booked in advance as well. If a client wants to take advantage of a special, they can book a unit and installation, make payment on our website and have the aircon installation done when they are ready even if it is a month or two away.


We aim to ensure our clients get the best possible pricing whilst still working around their deadlines. We do also try and ensure we get to clients as quickly as possible upon confirmation and payment of orders. We do assist with special requests for next day or same day aircon installations where possible.