Aircon Prices

Aircon Prices (Why SucasaAir is priced right)


Aircon prices: You might be asking yourself why there is such a big difference in pricing in the market between different suppliers. You might also be asking yourself why SucasaAir’s pricing is substantially lower than that of most of our competitors. That is why we have created a comprehensive guide to the in’s and out’s of aircon prices, in just six minutes reading time.




At SucasaAir, our aircon prices are extremely low compared to that of the market in general. Through our cutting edge technology and innovative buying cycles, we provide our customers with wholesale prices. These wholesale aircon prices are offered directly to the public which enables you to get a great deal on air conditioning units.


How do we keep our aircon prices low for our customers?


SucasaAir keeps aircon prices low by allowing for low margins on each sale, and instead aiming to achieve bulk sales through trusted client support and referrals. Through our large number of sales, we achieve economies of scale which allow us to keep our aircon prices low.


Our company makes the best effort to make sure our air conditioning offerings cost you as little as possible, while ensuring all offerings are done effectively and efficiently. While we do strive to beat any written quote, we cannot commit to this where the sale would result in a loss. When analysing competitors, you will see that we are much lower than the market norm so we do not usually allow for further discounted prices unless this pertains to a bulk order.



Our company also ensures that whilst keeping aircon prices low and dealing with many clients at a time, we aim to ensure our quality of work is not affected and customer service remains a priority. This allows our clients to refer us or do future additional sales with us which allows us to keep our pricing points low.


Aircon Prices Support


SucasaAir always aims to offer new deals and discounts where possible. With price support from our big suppliers we are able to offer better pricing and incentives to our clients. The price support may be offered for bulk orders in different ways such as price discounts, vouchers or by offering free items of good value when purchasing units. This allows our clients to have an added benefit to their purchase and it also allows for us to increase our sales and client base through promotional pricing.


Inverter vs Non-Inverter aircon prices


Within the market, you will notice that there is a noticeable difference in aircon prices between inverter and non-inverter units. As non-inverter units are older technology, they are priced cheaper than those of inverter type. As inverter aircon prices are more expensive, they are often coupled with added features and also allow for quieter operation and more energy efficient running of the unit.



Within the category of inverter models, we do also see high priced premium models which have smart features including Wifi control, reservation timing, self-diagnosis and virus doctors. These premium models come at a hefty price and can be almost double the price than some non-inverter units.


Aircon Prices according to different brands in the industry (Which one should you choose?)


The air conditioning market encapsulates a large number of brands, each with their own pricing structures. Within the market there are also a number of global brands which have a large number of different product offerings such as Samsung and LG. These global brands usually command a higher cost due to the fact that they offer comprehensive warranties and are a trusted brand around the world.



There are other brands which are a bit lesser known but are specific to air conditioning, such as Daikin and Carrier, but these are usually requested within commercial settings and not within the residential market. These units tend to be more expensive than that of LG and Samsung, and therefore we usually do not offer these options to clients as global brands such as LG and Samsung are extremely popular with our clients.


There are also mid-range brands such as Midea and Alliance, which have great offerings within the air conditioning, heat pump and appliance sector. We do tend to make use of these brands quite often as they are regarded as affordable quality brands carrying industry standard warranties or above.


Aircon prices between these different types of brands would significantly differ due to the features of the unit, brand equity and warranties. However all of the units above would see you comfortable and would cater for your heating and cooling needs.


Lastly, there are the lower-range brands which are imported by local distributors and may not be well known globally. These brands are much more affordable on both Inverter and Non Inverter Models however it is important to have a good relationship with these distributors to ensure warranties are upheld and good quality is measured.


Should I get a Wifi controlled aircon and how do they affect aircon prices?


There are a number of offerings that are available within the air conditioning market which allow for Wifi controlled air conditioners. These smart air conditioners can be integrated with services such as Amazon Alexa and Google. The aircon prices for these options will be at a premium as this is not currently regarded as a standard in the South African market.


This type of aircon is usually requested by clients that are very technology focussed, and those who are looking for this specific function in their homes. It is also quite convenient for clients as they are able to control the aircon from wherever they are without having to move or be in front of the aircon. However, this type of aircon is not as popular with the general market due to the price point being as high as it is.


Price Based On Aesthetics


At Sucasa Air we aim to offer a range of different models to our clients. We have different types of clients and there are some who prefer the standard looking aircon, and there are others who want the most aesthetic looking aircon to match their designed homes. There are models such as mirror finish or silver models which are smarter looking and more aesthetic, however these are priced higher for their look even though they have the same functions and features as the standard aircon model.



The current models in the market which our clients utilise for mirror based models are the LG Artcool mirror unit , the Alliance Pro Mirror Inverter unit and lastly the Midea Aurora Mirror unit. Whilst these prices are slightly higher than the standard aircon, they have grown increasingly popular as clients want the best looking items in their homes and these models may match their other appliances or furniture.


Pricing Of Installation & Materials


The type of installation required makes a big difference in terms of your price point as sometimes the client requires an installation which is not the standard “back to back”. This may result in additional costs to the client for materials which are needed for their aircon installation. At SucasaAir we aim to be as transparent as possible with our rates and this is communicated to clients prior to installation.


If the installation is not standard, we allow for a site inspection and thereafter we are able to breakdown the costs for the client and proceed with the best way forward as per the clients budget and approval. The materials required are what changes the price point. If a large number of materials are required, this can significantly increase costs.


As well as the type of materials needed such as a water pump. This is used to pump water against gravity, and some clients require this as there is no alternative way to install the aircon unit. These pumps alone are quite expensive and require bi-annual maintenance which adds to clients cost.


There are also different types of homes where installation may be more difficult in some compared to others. This may be due to the design, the type of walls (such as concrete) and the clients needs. Where installation is quite difficult and requires additional time, most companies


installation rates may be higher, or they charge per additional rates per hour as the labour and time required is much more than the standard installation.


However at SucasaAir we have a standard Installation rate and do not charge out additional time to our clients where possible. We take the additional loss of time and labour and rather give our clients the added benefit of keeping their costs low and keeping the installation within their original budget.


Supply And Demand – Impact On Pricing


Supply and demand are major factors which determine the price of aircon units. During the summer months demand is very high and this may cause prices to increase. Whereas in cooler months such as Autumn and Winter, demand is lower and prices drop to boost sales accordingly.


Another factor which affects price is the supply of aircon units. If there is limited stock on a type of unit or if the unit is a “limited edition”, it increases in value and demand and the price may increase for these units. However, if there is an endless supply of this type of unit the price may be lower. This highly depends on the type of unit and the amount of stock brought in by the distributors who are importing the aircon units.


Supply Only Vs Supply & Installation


At SucasaAir we offer not only supply and installation as a package, but we offer supply only of the aircon units as well to cater for different clients needs. Some clients make use of their own personal installers and therefore get the added benefit of purchasing the aircon unit alone at wholesale pricing.

There are other clients who are looking for these aircon units at a good price, but require installation elsewhere as these areas may not be catered for by SucasaAir Installations due to the distance. They can therefore purchase the aircon units from us at supply only rates and arrange for courier to get the units transported to them and installed personally.


At SucasaAir we offer the bundle of supply and installation at a better price than doing either supply only or installation only. This allows the client to get everything done by us as their sole provider with the added benefit of a lower price and it allows us to assist easily with any warranty claims which may be required.


We also offer Supply to aircon dealers or contractors who run installation companies. This allows them to purchase the different aircon units from us at wholesale pricing and they install for their own clients at their own rates which allows their business to grow as well.