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Is your AC not cooling or heating / leaking/ making a noise?

We Can Help Keep Your Cool.

Our servicing offer includes the full strip & service of the indoor & outdoor units including a coil treatment, clean air treatment and up to 1kg regas if required for Midwall Split Units

(Our service fee of R599.00 per midwall split unit excludes spares, repairs and electrical). 


*Pricing above is subject to change without notice and only valid for midwall split units sized 9000btu-24000btu within 30km from Midrand

(T's & C's Apply)

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Maintain Warranties

Aircon spares and compressor warranties are subject to regular maintainance of your aircon unit to ensure your ac is working optimally. 

Increase Life Span Of Unit

By Servicing your aircon unit at regular intervals, you can increase the lifespan of your unit and help it last longer. If your AC has dirty filters and coils, this may cause it to overwork thus decreasing the efficiency of the unit and lifespan. 

Protect Your Health

Dirty filters and coils due to not regularly servicing your aircon can cause flu like symptoms and lead to a bacteria build up on your aircon unit. Clean filters and coils allow for better air quality, fewer allergens and less dust in your home or work space. 

Minimize Compressor Issues

Without regularly servicing your aircon, filters and coils can remain blocked and gas levels may not be optimal thus causing the compressor to overwork and fail or provide issues sooner than expected. The harder your ac system has to work, the faster it may overheat or get damaged. 

Avoid Water & Gas Leaks

Should you fail to service your aircon regularly, filters and drain pipes may get blocked which causes water to leak from the unit. Gas leaks are checked and tested for when servicing your ac. 

Keeps Ac Working Optimally & Allows For Energy Savings

By regularly servicing your aircon, you can ensure it is running optimally, at top performance with the desired effect required. Servicing also allows allows your ac to run more efficiently instead of working hard which results in lower energy costs. 

We Do NOT Offer Repairs

Our service fees do not include any spares or repairs. Units are to be in working condition.


We hold no warranties on units that have not originally been supplied/installed by Sucasa Air as we do not know the history of these units.


Should a minor repair or part be required, we can advise if its something we can quote on, alternatively we recommend clients use a repair specialist company for the repair of their aircon units.


The full service fee applies should a service be booked but instead a repair is required and service cannot be completed. 

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