Sucasa Air: The best Aircon company




Sucasa Air Conditioning holds the vision of providing top quality air conditioning units. Based in Midrand, Gauteng, our company is gaining popularity with each passing day. We are a trusted distributor and reseller of air conditioning units. This article will divulge all the details as to why we are the best aircon company you will find.


Besides distribution, we also offer air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services. Our team comprises the best professionals who are skilled, trustworthy and reliable. Sucasa Air enjoys our customer’s loyalty and we come highly recommended by our customers.


To make our company the best in processes and procedures, we are accredited by the leading brands in the country such as Samsung and LG. With all the efforts of our leadership, we are able to establish strong ties and relationships with these popular brands. These brands not only add value to your home, office or living space but also give you budget friendly options. The sleek, stylish and trendy designs are high in demand and very much liked all around the world.


Sucasa Air is offering a wide variety of products that are unique in features, design and specifications. We have the best range of air conditioning systems that cater to all types of customer needs. Starting from the high-tech air conditioning units to the eco-friendly ones and the traditional air conditioners, all are available at Sucasa Air.


Choosing which aircon company suits you?


The air conditioning company is saturated with small, medium and large players. Every company is competing with the other on the basis of its pros and cons. No two companies are the same, even if they are offering the same product line, they differ on the basis of workforce, management, processes and systems.


A small company usually focuses on residential units and consists of a “man with the van”, in which it cannot handle large orders or multiple teams. For a small company, it might be hard to give backup support, maintenance or after sales services. Even if the company has all the products, they might have limited teams and staff that can be sent for residential users in scheduled time.



The advantage of Medium sized companies is their availability of technicians and vehicles that can be used at any emergent need. A medium sized company can be sufficient with all the needs but may not offer good prices. They might be charging a bit more than the large companies as they have limited scale of operations.


Large companies have a large number of employees as well as departments including sales, spares, repairs, service, installation and commercial sales, and usually focus mainly on industrial air conditioning applications. The large companies mostly lack in customer care and one-to-one service that can be taken from small and medium companies. The large companies mostly take high margin for the services but are trustworthy and can easily cater big orders such as those for commercial areas like malls, offices, shopping areas etc.
Sucasa Air Conditioning is a company that is unique in its own way and doesn’t follow the model above. Our aircon company is more or less more aligned towards the medium sized company model; we practice the customer services that are much similar to the small sized companies. We believe in establishing long-term customer relationships and customer interaction is worthy and helpful.


Our qualified professionals are up to date with the latest techniques and procedures. Besides the residential customers, we are able to cater larger scale of work that includes the provision and installation of air conditioners in commercial areas.
We run a number of teams both internally as well as on a contractual basis, which enables us to reach our new and existing clients in a quick and efficient manner, while not forgetting our aim to provide excellent customer service and after sales service.


We have the most qualified team of specialists who are among the best in Midrand. From repair services to maintenance support, we have the ability to fix all the things in the quickest possible way while not compromising on quality of work. We have a small internal employee base but make up for that with innovation and systems that allow us to be as productive as companies with triple the amount of staff. We are just a phone call away. For a quick complimentary consultation, you can dial on our landline number.
We also aim to respond to emails and strive to be as quick as possible in resolving the issues. Our quick turnaround time is an added advantage of our company.


How our aircon company provides innovative offerings



Aircon company - man working on aircon


We provide customization of air-conditioning system. Our technological innovations allow for customers to receive an instant quote through asking them to describe the size and type of room. In order to serve you 24/7, we also have an online store which makes ordering an air conditioning unit easy, fast and simple.


Sucasa Air has been serving communities all along Gauteng. Our top of the line air conditioning units are bought in accordance with Gauteng Climatic conditions. This makes our company unique and makes us the best seller. By purchasing the air conditioning system from us, you can get all your room cooling needs done.


The experts in Sucasa Air can give you the sincere advice and best possible options that are available with them. Our air conditioning systems are the ones which have been innovatively designed and cover all the cooling needs in hot summer days and heating needs in the chilly winter weather of Gauteng. The thermostats are robust and have the ability to set up the room temperature at a very reasonable time. The optimal temperature provided by the air conditioning unit, you must be able to sleep well in hot and humid days while enjoying the activities when you are awake.



Our aircon company works on the principle of rapid processing of orders and providing installation. We have well-stocked warehouses and we can provide your required air conditioning system within the same day. We are not only quick in providing but also very fast in installation.


Our team can reach your place in the scheduled time and get the air conditioning unit functioning in a couple of minutes. We want our customers to experience the best after sales services as customer’s loyalty and retention is Sucasa Air’s tradition.


How are we different?



Installing an air conditioning system is an expensive investment. Most of the air conditioning units do not last more than 10 years. Our company has made an economical decision for its consumers. We keep air conditioning systems that have a minimum 5 years compressor warranty.


The compressors are the heart of air conditioning systems and any problem in the compressor can result in complete shutdown of the system. A proper upkeep of the air conditioning unit and regular maintenance can increase the longevity of the system and less repairs. Our company can provide the best team for maintenance.


We believe in providing the best only. After all, buying an air conditioner is expensive and easy on the pockets. A number of local brands do not offer sufficient warranties. There are not long warranties on the units and not on the compressors as well. Our company has filtered out such units as they are not truly beneficial to the owner and not to our company as a whole.


In our company, we have the best team in our Purchasing and Finance Department. The management and team members are always negotiating with the industry leaders for bulk purchasing and at lowest most prices. Our aircon company is very good at negotiating good prices and also our online systems enable us to decrease our costs. All these efforts combined; end up in offering the customer the wholesale price.



Our aircon company had the vision of providing the best aircons in Gauteng with a fast, quick and affordable installation. We believe in creating healthier lifestyles for our customers, providing cooler, cleaner and comfortable living spaces at homes, offices, apartments and commercial areas. In the course of time, we have remained on the same vision but also added up the advantage of offering aircon with economic benefit.


Yes, you are right, we are talking about the energy efficient solutions that are being widely used and profoundly adopted all across the globe. Inverter units may be a bigger investment than the non-inverter one but will eventually save you money. Depending upon the usage, we advise our customers that which option will be more favorable. Any company can provide the inverter or non-inverter units but no one can beat Sucasa Air in terms of price and as well the useful advice given by our workers.


Inverter vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioning units



Most of the people are still not sure about the difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioning units. The experts in our aircon company are often asked about the difference between two. The basic difference is in the technology. The inverter units are designed in a way to keep the variable speed motor which becomes idle upon reaching the optimal temperature level. The speed motor works constantly but make itself idle at optimal temperature. This allows less consumption of electricity. The experts in our aircon company have searched for the best inverters and made them available for our customers at the lowest most prices.


On the other hand, our aircon company also has a wide range of traditional Non-inverter air-conditioning units. They work on the basic technology of providing heating and cooling by using fixed speed motors. The fixed speed motor makes the compressor run on the fixed speed as well. The compressor has to start and stop when required (i.e once optimal temperature has been reached the air conditioning unit will turn off). The constant motion of “stop” and “start” results in high energy consumption.


How our aircon company complies with Covid-19 regulations



Aircon company - PPE Gear


With the present situation of Covid-19, our aircon company has taken all the steps to keep our workplace safe for our customers and team members. Our workers are able to access the stock in the safest possible way while being the least in contact with co-fellows. Our company has safe stock rooms where only few workers enter at the time of picking or downloading the new units.

We take care that all our team members are healthy and take care of sanitizing. During the pandemic, we keep our phone lines rerouted to the relevant staff members. We keep track of our e-mails, messages and phone calls. Our aircon company is always quick in responding and providing the best solutions.

We have effective and functional website. Our aircon company is taking online orders and we can deliver within 40km from Midrand. Our online buyers can also pick the purchased aircon from Midrand branch directly. In case for the delivery and installation, our team members are fully equipped with the tools and supplies needed for installation.