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Samsung is a world renowned global brand which encompasses many high tech appliances and consumer electronics, but the question consumers may be asking themselves is; Are Samsung aircons worth buying?


The answer from both our company and the thousands of clients we have fitted a Samsung aircon for is an extreme YES!


Over the last 20 years Samsung aircons have made a huge impact on the aircon industry globally as well as within the local market in South Africa. Samsung has overshadowed many major brands and have managed to provide the industry with a large range of residential and commercial systems. They have not only exceeded expectations regarding offering a wide variety of systems, but have also managed to deliver quality units at attractive pricing within the market.


All the Samsung ranges are of high quality and include great features with the latest cutting edge technology. Some of the more premium wind-free units also include integrated WiFi which is another feature that customers enjoy.


Samsung aircons are in high demand within the Gauteng market and provide users with effective as well as efficient cooling and heating, with the added benefit of a 10 year compressor warranty. This 10 year compressor warranty allows the client to have peace of mind when purchasing the samsung aircon as they will be covered for a longer period of time without having to spend more money on parts.


We at Sucasa Air offer Samsung aircons at great prices which can be purchased online or via email. Our online store allows you to purchase the units with or without installation. Sucasa Air strives to provide high quality air conditioning units at affordable prices and thus Samsung is a great fit for our product offerings. Based in Midrand, Gauteng, our Aircon company is gaining popularity with each passing day. We are a trusted dealer of Samsung aircons through its main distributor, Fourways Air Conditioning .



Samsung aircons are pioneers in offering new features


Samsung aircons are among the first type of units to provide wind-free features whereby the draft of the air is not felt by customers when utilising the units. The air is instead dispersed by mico holes within the air conditioning unit and therefore the cold/hot air circulates the room more efficiently. The wind-free aircon units also come with on-board Wifi.
This amazing feature s allows clients to control the system through their smartphone or tablet, and of course through the internet connection at your home or anywhere the is installed. This can be done by downloading the smart thinq app. It is a very handy feature and you can use this feature whilst being away from the room where the unit is installed. It means you can put on your aircon which is installed in your bedroom upstairs while sitting in the lounge downstairs.


So when you go upstairs to your bedroom, it will be welcoming with the climate of your choice. In the same way, during winters it takes around 5 minutes to start blowing out the warm air. You can quicken the warming process of the room by putting on your aircon while on your way back home so you can come home to a warm optimal room temperature on those cold winter evenings.


At times, after leaving the house or office, you realize that you forgot to put off your aircon, no worries for you, a quick click of the “off” button on your mobile app and problem solved!. This is a quick and easy solution which also allows you to save electrical consumption.
Wifi models can be a bit more expensive but for customers who prefer the benefit of scheduled control and remote operation, the price is usually well received. The feature of integrated WiFi is very customer friendly and easy to use, the higher price in some cases may be worth it for some techno savvy clients.


Samsung aircon AR3000 range




Samsung has also introduced the latest range in fixed speed models which is known as the AR3000 range. This is the latest non-inverter (fixed speed) range being offered and includes a 5 year compressor warranty. These units come in a white sleek finish that enhances any decor. While these units are not as energy efficient and quiet as the inverter models, they are a good fit for clients who require a Samsung aircon at a budget price.



Samsung aircon inverter units



Samsung Aircons - Samsung Inverter



Sucasa Air is a Samsung approved dealer and is one of the trusted Samsung aircon providers in Gauteng . We aim to offer our clients the best deals and the best service. We do this by constantly innovating the way we work and finding better ways to service and assist our clients while also providing a strategic cost strategy to drive costs down.
If you are looking to enjoy a cost-effective solution, the inverter Samsung aircon is an ideal choice. These aircons have a variable speed motor allowing for saving of power. The variable speed motor allows the unit to regulate the speed. The compressor thus works with a paced operation in accordance to the room temperature and this results in lower energy consumption.


Besides energy savings, the inverter Samsung aircon is quieter as it has a lower db noise level. Most of the residential and commercial end users prefer a quieter and more peaceful living/working space. Most corporate clients and offices also prefer to purchase inverter aircons as they may keep the aircon “on” for long office hours and want to have a quieter working environment which allows for better productivity.



This also applies to clients who have server rooms which run the units 24/7 , these clients save a large amount of money purchasing inverter aircons as they save massive amounts in terms of energy consumption whilst ensuring their machinery and equipment is maintained at desired temperatures.
Inverter Samsung aircon units such as the AR4500 , AR5500 , AR7500 and AR9500 come with a 1 year comprehensive, 10 year compressor warranty subject to qualified installation and annual maintenance records. The comprehensive warranty can also be extended to 5 years with bi-annuall servicing and registration on the Samsung Air website.



For peace of mind, clients are recommended to service their units bi-annually to ensure that they are fully covered for the full 5 years on the unit as a whole. If you are looking to purchase top of the range units with the best warranty, Samsung aircon inverter units are the best choice.



Below are some of the features that are included when purchasing a unit from the Samsung Inverter Aircon range:



Attractive matt-white finish which keeps the surface shiny and easy to clean.

Advanced inverter technology which saves up to 40% on electricity

Both heating and cooling options are available. This allows ease and saves the extra costs of buying and maintaining an electric or gas heater for winters.

Full HD filter with anti-bacterial coating allows clean air to enter the room.

You can enjoy the effective sleep mode system. This allows the users to activate or de-activate the Samsung aircon while sleeping. The unit includes a timer which enables the Samsung aircon to be “on” or “off” for a certain number of hours.




Samsung AR 5500 Range


Samsung Aircons -  Samsung AR5500-min


The AR5500 Samsung aircon range are powerful and robust air-conditioning units. The complete range is based on inverter technology and this makes them economically friendly. They are designed to cater small and big rooms and come in sizes 9000btu-24000btu.


The sleek new look enhances the décor of the room and display allows for easy reading of the temperature. The automatic air flow upwards and downwards influxes the air with pressure. There is also a manual option of controlling the air towards left and right. The complete range has fast cooling modes. The fast cooling modes allow the room to cool or heat in a shorter time span.


The Samsung aircons have always been innovative with the latest technology advancements. The Anti-Corrosion fins on the outdoor unit of the aircon are easy to maintain. The ability of the outdoor unit’s anti rust metal to fight corrosion helps to keep it clean and working well. The technology experts at Samsung have passed the anti rust test from the rigorous 480-hour Salt Spray Test.


AR 5500 Range


· The AR 5500 Samsung aircon saves money by constantly maintaining the pre-defined temperature without switching on and off.

· 2.50kW up to 6.45kW are the cooling capacities

· 3.20kW up to 6.34KW are the heating capacities.

· EERs (Cooling W/W) are from 3.21 up to 3.45 and COPs (Heating W/W) up to 3.56.



Samsung Aircon AR4500 range



Samsung Aircon - Samsung AR4500-min


The Samsung AR4500 is the entry level inverter aircon range which has been newly introduced in 2020. Samsung’s policy of continuous improvement makes this range better than the previous models. It is backed by Fourways air-conditioning South Africa. It has a good sleep mode that allows controlling the night temperature.This range has four models and you can select the one that suits your room size. The models in this range cater for room size from 18 square meters to 45 square meters. The inverter technology is embedded in these Samsung Aircons and helps save on the electrical consumption.



AR4500 Range


· The Digital Inverter saves money as it maintains pre-set temperature without the constant switching to “on” or “off”.
· The cooling capacities are 2.6KW up to 6.75kW.
· EERs (Cooling W/W) are from 3.01 up to 3.21and COPs (Heating W/W) up to 3.55
· Piping Lengths for the indoor and outdoor are 15 to 25 meters and a height difference of about 10 meters.
· Anti-corrosion fins of the outside unit have passed the rigorous 480-hour Salt Spray Test.



Differences between AR4500 and AR5500 Inverter units


The AR4500 Inverter Samsung aircon is the entry Samsung Inverter unit. While the unit is of high quality with a 10 year compressor warranty, it does have lower cooling and heating capacity than that of the AR5500. The AR5500 is also quieter and more energy efficient than the AR4500. With regards to normal heating and cooling efficiently and effectively, both these models will do a great job however for clients who would like specifically a higher quality unit which is more powerful and quieter, the AR5500 unit would be the recommended option.


For clients who would like a Samsung inverter aircon model but have a limited budget, we would recommend the AR4500. With our Samsung blue tag special currently running (Ending 9th September 2020, there is a small price difference between the two models so the best time to purchase an AR5500 unit would be now as it is great value for money).
We hope that the reading has been helpful for you to decide the most appropriate Samsung aircon that best suits your needs. Staff at Sucasa Air are constantly working on the company’s mission of providing the most affordable aircon prices with the highest level of quality and service. With additional price support from our suppliers, we are able to offer better pricing and incentives to our clients.



As soon as we receive lowered rates from our suppliers, we immediately lower our aircon prices in order to give maximum advantage of the discount to our buyers. The price support may be offered for bulk orders in different ways such as price discounts, vouchers or by offering free items of value when purchasing units.

Back to Back Installation by SucasaAir


We have expert technicians on board who are trained to provide installation services. Our team is well equipped with the latest tools and equipment and aim to complete installations in an efficient manner, while not compromising on the quality of work. Whether it’s the installation on the 1st floor apartment or in high-rise commercial buildings, we have skilled teams with the best prices.