Heating Aircon

Did you know that air conditioners are much more efficient in costs compared to electric, bar and fan heaters?

As residential air conditioning experts, we are here to explain why.

Given that it takes approximately 2kw of power to generate 2kw of heat, an electric heater is around 100% efficient…surely you can’t get more efficient than that, right? Nope!

To supply 2kW of heat, an air conditioner only needs 0.6kw of electrical power.

That’s because the air con’s heat pump extracts a lot of FREE heat from the air. This ambient heat warms the normally chilled liquid refrigerant and converts it into a gas, after which the force of the compressor causes it to get even hotter. A condenser then transfers the heat from the gas into the expelled air…and hey presto, warm air at literally a third of the cost of an electric heater!

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Other reasons why you should use your air conditioning unit for heating instead of electric or gas heaters :

  1. Electric heaters are two-thirds more expensive to run and they also waste electricity by overheating the room. All aircons have a thermostat which allows it to either shut off or variate speed to enable energy efficiency and precise heating.
  2. With aircons the whole room gets heated whereas with electric heaters, it is only hot near the heater and the further you move away from the heater, the colder it gets.
  3. Electric heaters can be unsafe and burn kids, curtains and other materials to catch on fire. We do not know of any aircon which has burnt anyone.
  4. All Air Conditioning units from Sucasa Air include timers which allow you to control when the aircon turns off and save electricity by not having the unit on the whole night as opposed to when you’d forget to turn off the bar, fan or gas heater.
  5. Another benefit you get with air conditioning units is that they can both heat and cool your home. With heaters they only serve the purpose of heating but with airconditioners you get optimal temperature all year round.