Frequently Asked Questions

General information

I need an aircon but don’t know what size?

The rule of thumb for the size is based on the square metres of the room you need to be cooled / heated.
12000BTU – Up to 24 sqm
18000BTU – Up to 36 sqm
24000BTU – Up to 48 sqm
32000BTU – Up to 64 sqm

Estimates can vary by +- 1 to 2 sqm however it is better to oversize than to undersize as putting a smaller unit in a bigger room will overwork the compressor and will not be sustainable in the long run. We will also not hold warranty for a smaller unit being put into a bigger room.

How do I schedule and installation with Sucasa Air?

All you need to do is fill out one of our quote forms or send us an email with your name, number, address , unit and brand preference. From there can send you an official quote . After you have accepted the official quote we require a 50% deposit to schedule your installation. The remainder is then payable once installation has been completed and the job card is signed indicating your satisfaction with our installation. We do also allow for credit card payments onsite using our credit card terminal.

What temperature should I keep my aircon on?

For Cooling you should keep any air conditioner irrespective of brand on 19 degrees or above. Anything lower than 19 degrees may result in the unit icing up which will affect the functionality and allow for leakages. For Heating, you should keep your air conditioning unit above 27 degrees in order to allow for optimal heating effect.

What is the difference between inverter and non inverter

An inverter air conditioning system is a system whereby the compressor works at variable speed, as opposed to a non inverter which works at a fixed speed. The non-inverters will therefore turn off when at optimal temperature whereas the inverters will just go slower (Which is why the inverters are less noisy). The inverters also consume less electricity due to their variable speed operation as turning off and on constantly involves more work. Inverters however are a bit more pricey . Electricity consumption between inverters and non inverters may vary quite a bit if the unit is utilised for more than 8 hours per day, if not , consumption may not differ vastly.

I’ve lost my remote, what are my options?

We at Sucasa Air conditioning keep universal remotes. We offer these to our clients at reasonable prices and they work based on the brand you are utilising. These remote units are guaranteed to work on any brand. If you would like to order one, please pop us a mail and we can arrange one for you accordingly.

How can I ensure optimal use of the aircon

You can allow for optimal use of the air conditioning system by utilising the sleep timer. On most if not all air conditioning units we supply, there is a sleep timer present. You can utilise this function to turn off the aircon/heating function after a number of hours in order to save electricity.

Warranty information

What do I do if I have an issue with my aircon within a year

Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for one of our technicians to inspect the unit. Please note to allow for between 1 to 7 working days for us to come inspect the unit. If there is an issue with the unit, we will be glad to ensure that all is repaired if damage was not inflicted by the customer. If repair is due to customer negligence, a call out fee / repair fee may apply.

What is your warranty on the a/c units you install

We carry a 1 year comprehensive, 5 year compressor warranty if we supply and install an air conditioning unit for you irrespective of the brand. A condition of the warranty is that the annual maintenance is performed so to ensure long term sustainability of the unit.

Maintenance information

How often should I service my Aircon

We advise that air conditioning units should be serviced annually. This is in order to ensure long term sustainability of the unit and ensure that the unit itself expels clean air. The servicing of the unit includes cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils and filters, full strip and clean of the unit as well as up to 1kg top up of gas.

Differences between major and minor services

A major service includes a full strip and clean of the unit including indoor and outdoor coils , filters and the optimising of the unit as a whole. The major service also includes a top up of 1kg gas.

minor service includes just the cleaning of the filters.

It is strongly recommend that your unit obtain a major service annually in order to allow for a sustainable life cycle. Annual major servicing will also keep the units warranty intact.

Installation Information

How long does it take to install a unit

On average it takes our technical teams around 2 to 3 hours to install a unit. A complex install which also requires electrical to be connected to the unit and the DB board may take a few hours more. We aim to deliver quick and efficient installations to our clients and do not stray far from the 2 hour mark with normal installations.

What happens if my unit is scheduled whilst it is raining

Unfortunately we will have to delay your installation to a later date/time as it is not recommended to continue with the installation whilst it is raining. This is due to the fact that the installation includes an electrical component to it and also creates an unsafe environment for our technical teams to conduct the installation. If your installation has been scheduled and it is raining, please contact us immediately so we can suggest an alternate time/way forward.

I need a bigger aircon unit, do I need to get electrical done?

Any air conditioning unit 24000BTU or above requires electrical. The electrical includes an isolating switch, circuit breaker and cable to connect between the air conditioning unit, isolating switch and the DB Board of your premises. We at Sucasa Air Conditioning can perform the electrical component at an added cost or can waiver this cost if you have your own electrician to do this component of the installation. It is imperative to allow for the electrical to be installed for larger units in order to ensure optimal function and energy consumption .

My complex requires the outdoor unit to be hidden, what can I do?

With regards to non back to back installations, we offer extra piping at an additional cost. Some residences require that the outdoor unit be out of sight of common property (i.e front of the building/roads). In this case we will have to extend the piping which may result in an increased cost. We at Sucasa Air Conditioning always strive to find the most cost effective options for our customers in order to ensure they are cooled/heated efficiently and effectively.