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March 5, 2017

Alliance Air Conditioning

Alliance Air Conditioning Specials

Have a look at our Alliance Specials. Please note that all units below include a back to back installation. We also strive to beat any written quote on supply & installation. If you are getting quoted cheaper for the units below, please forward your quote to and we will strive to beat it an give you the most affordable deal.


Alliance Alaskan Non-Inverter

  • 9000BTU – R6 700.00
  • 12000BTU – R7 400.00
  • 18000BTU – R10 000.00
  • 24000BTU – R13 000.00
  • 32000BTU – R16 400.00

Alliance Arctic Inverter Unit

  • 9000BTU – R7900.00
  • 12000BTU – R8600.00
  • 18000BTU – R11500.00
  • 24000BTU – R14750.00
  • 30000BTU – R21050.00


All prices include the supply & installation of the unit on a back to back basis. A back to back installation allows for 3 metres of copper. Any extras can only be determined on site. Unit sizes 24000BTU and 30/32000BTU require electrical which will be an additional charge of R1500 if you require Sucasa Air Conditioning to do the electrical.

Area Coverage :

9000BTU – +-18 squares

12000BTU – +-24 squares

18000BTU – +-36 squares

24000BTU – +-48 squares

32000BTU – +-64 squares