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If you are searching the web to find a suitable aircon, you have reached the right website. With the increasing number of aircons in the market and the latest features being added, the selection of an aircon that suits your needs and budget can be daunting. Sucasa Air Conditioning holds the vision of providing top quality air conditioning units.


Based in Midrand, Gauteng, our Aircon company is gaining popularity with each passing day. We are a trusted distributor and reseller of air conditioning units. An efficient aircon works on the basic principle of removing heat, moisture and dust from the air. Depending on the aircon’s refrigeration cycle, the aircon can cool/heat the air in an efficient manner.


At SucasaAir, we have knowledgeable and trained staff who can guide you regarding the various features and specs of aircons. Most of our valued customers face difficulty while they have so many options of aircons in front of them. We are happy to give sincere and honest suggestions to our customers. In order to make a good selection, here we have entailed some information that will guide you on all that you may need to know about aircons.


Inverter vs Non-inverter aircons


From the last couple of decades, non-inverter aircons have been catering all types of air conditioning needs. They have been massively adopted by the population all across the globe. The non-inverters are the traditional aircons and work on the fixed speed motor. On the other hand, the later introduced popular power saving inverters have the motor which allows for a variable speed. The variable speed motor allows the unit to regulate the speed. The compressor turns “on” or “off” in accordance to the room temperature and this results in less consumption of energy.


Besides saving energy, inverter aircons are quieter as they have lower db noise level. Most of the residential and commercial users prefer a quieter and peaceful living space. Most of the corporates and offices also buy inverters as they have to keep the unit on for long office hours and want to have a quieter working environment.




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Residential aircons





To narrow down your search, SucasaAir has categorized the residential aircons. There are two types


· Midwall split aircons

· Portable aircons

Midwall split aircons are ductless and suitable as they offer exceptional flexibility. They can be modified to fit numerous living spaces. Gauteng is fully packed with buildings, offices, apartment flats and houses where most midwall split units can be easily installed. In addition to existing buildings, midwall split aircons are being more frequently installed in new construction. Compatible with modern architectural design, midwall split aircons can suitably fit in all types of houses, apartments and offices as well.


The traditional split units consist of outer and inner components which are connected to each other by cable and two copper wires. The copper wires allow the refrigerant to flow in between the internal and external components. The heaviest and noisiest part of the split system is the compressor that is installed outside.


The internal component is light and quieter and it can be installed in any part of the internal environment. All the modern and latest air conditioning systems have remote control and most of them are equipped with the heat pump option. The sophisticated blend of the latest techniques allows you to enjoy the same aircon for heating and cooling needs so you need not worry for buying a gas or electric heater in winters. The “effective climate control” of modern split aircons keeps room temperature to within 1-2 degrees of the temperature selected.


Most split air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy control modes and timers. This allows you to set the operation of the unit and it can be pre- programmed in considerable detail. You can set up the direction and swing operation of the discharge louvers. The indoor components of split aircons have coarse air filters to protect the coils from large particles. In many split aircons, there are also fine filters that allow purification of air and remove fine dust, plant pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical pollutants and odors etc.


Portable aircons


The portable aircons offer the flexibility of usage that is comparable to none. If you want to enjoy the portability and avoid the installation, portable aircons are the best choice. Such units can be moved easily with rolling wheels. The portable units come in standard size of 12000 btu and are appropriate for 25sqm or less. In the industry, portable units are mostly manufactured in non-inverter types only, this makes them a bit louder than the Mid-wall split units.






Commercial aircons



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Commercial aircons are suitable for larger commercial settings. Large offices, warehouses and commercial buildings use commercial units for cooling bigger areas and for longer hours. Commercial aircons can be categorized in at least three types:


· Under-ceiling

· Ducted

· Cassette Aircons

Under-ceiling units or the ceiling suspended aircons are made reasonably aesthetic. They are designed in a way to lift air vertically into the unit and outflow the treated air horizontally along the ceiling. These aircons are more affordable than the ducted and cassette system and may be used without the need of a false ceiling.


Ducted air systems are used in larger premises or where the client requires one central unit to feed to multiple areas. The duct mounted air systems can be used only when the building has a false ceiling. The ducting is mostly hidden in the ceiling and cooler air comes from the ducts. The ducts have the advantage of delivering cool air in a number of rooms. The duct mounted aircons are normally used in different rooms or zones and separate premises may also be cooled.



Cassette aircons are common in offices which have suspended ceilings. The cassette units are also called cartridge air conditioners and can fit easily within a one or two tile space. Most of the cassette unit remains hidden as it is above the ceiling and the decorative part is visible which has four outlet louvers. The air is distributed in four directions and they add to the décor of the room.



Industrial Aircons


The industrial aircons are the ones that allow a centralized cooling system and also include the ducting system. Such big aircons are used at industry level where cooling is required for long hours. Such areas may include factories, warehouses, malls etc. Industrial aircons have a water chiller system, VRV systems and evaporative cooling system. They are highly costly compared to the commercial units. The VRV system in the industrial system acts as multi split and the mechanism works when a single centralized outdoor unit supplies cool air to multiple indoor units.


Aircons with Wifi






One of the latest added features in aircons is the Wi-Fi system. Most of the buyers ar SuscasaAir are curious to know about the aircons which have the Wi-Fi feature. With the wifi system in the aircon, you can control the air conditioner from anywhere by activating your wireless network. All the functions for operating the aircon are available in your tablet or smartphone. So while sitting on the ground floor, you can activate the aircon installed on the first floor. This is an amazing feature and allows flexibility of use.


The Wi-Fi also allows you to control the aircon from outside your home. You can switch the aircon on whilst being out and upon reaching home, you can enjoy a cooled/heated room. You can control the temperature using your smartphone or tablet which works like the remote control of your aircon.


Which type to choose?


In order to make the selection easier, there are three basic steps that you should consider


1. Determine what cooling capacity of the unit is required by measuring your room size.

2. Select the type of unit you require.

3. Physical size, function, noise and design are the features you must keep in mind when shopping for new aircons.

The following brief pointers can help with the selection of the type of air conditioner you may require:


· Should you be residing in a premises whereby the unit can be installed, a good option would be to get a midwall split unit which is more suited towards residential settings. Midwall split units are a viable option where clients are planning to stay/work at the premises for long periods of time and do not mind a fixed installation. These types of units are quieter than portable and window wall aircons.

· If you have any sort of restrictions pertaining to positioning / placement of an external condenser on or anywhere near your building, it is wise to select the window-wall mounted aircons or portable aircon units.

· If you want to enjoy the aircon to meet cooling and heating needs, then a split system is the ideal choice. The efficient heating source and effective cooling capacity is all you need for achieving favorable climate all year round.

· If you require aircons that need to be moved then the portable aircon is a good option. In instances of a rented shop or home, you can get a portable aircon which you can move easily at the time of vacating.

· For larger offices, shops, and other buildings, then the commercial or industrial type of aircons come into play.



Typical Ranges of Aircons


Like many types of equipment, aircons are also divided into groups that depict the various features of the aircons. The main categories are the residential, domestic, commercial and industrial which have been discussed above. The main grouping generally indicates the units size, capability and robustness and do not tell much about how the air conditioner functions. For giving you a rough idea of the aircons ranges you can see the table below:



Aircons - Different-types-of-aircons




Brands of aircons


At SucasaAir, we have many different brands of aircons, all with the best quality at different price ranges depending on features and models. We have the top of the range such as Samsung, LG and Midea which have global recognition and are trusted by most clients. We also have the more affordable range of aircons such as Alliance, Galanz and Jet-Air, which are not as renowned worldwide but are pocket-friendly and are still high quality units with good warranties.



The Sizing Estimate Calculator


Depending on the room size or living space, you can estimate the size of aircon required. The current sizing estimate calculator which can be used to determine optimal size is as follows :



9000BTU – Covers +-18 square metres


12000BTU – Covers +-24 square metres


18000BTU – Covers +-36 square metres


24000BTU – Covers +-48 square metres


34000BTU – Covers +-68 square metres


Sucasa Air aims to make things easier for its clients and offer site visits to allow for accurate measuring and quoting on specific systems. In this way, you can get a clear idea of the costs involved and what will work best for each client based on their requirements.