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Why is servicing important in air-conditioning?



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Aircon services are one of the most important aspects required to maintain not just your warranty but the lifespan of your aircon as well. It is extremely important to ensure correct maintenance is completed on your aircon to prolong the lifespan of your aircon unit as well as ensure the unit runs optimally and efficiently with heating and cooling functions as well as to maintain warranty on your aircon unit. Aircon services are done in intervals to maintain the unit depending on the level of usage and type of aircon unit you have.This article will give you all you need to know about aircon services.


What is an aircon service?


The main purpose of an aircon service is to ensure the longevity of the unit. Aircon services should be completed at regular intervals to ensure the unit runs at optimal function and that the aircon is running correctly with the correct gas pressures.
A service is to be completed by a qualified technician and its main purpose is to clean and treat the aircon unit itself, the filters, indoor and outdoor coils, drain and leak checks as well as re-gassing of the aircon unit. The service is also important to prevent dust build ups and water leakages due to blockages caused by dirt building up in the drain pipe etc.


Major Aircon Service Vs Minor Aircon Service


Aircon Services can be broken down into Major and Minor services. The Major service is usually done at minimum once a year and includes a major check and clean of the unit as a whole. Minor servicing is usually done for clients who hardly use the aircon unit as well as for regular service intervals as these units are maintained often and therefore just need to be constantly maintained. A breakdown of what is done in major and minor services can be seen below:



• Wash Filters
• Check gas pressures – (Unit to be re-gassed up to 1kg if required to correct gas level)
• Check operation of unit
• Check for leaks on piping
• Visual Inspection of indoor and outdoor unit
• Report faults (if any) and findings on excel tracking sheet



• Wash filters
• Check gas pressures – (Unit to be re-gassed up to 1kg if required to correct gas level)
• Clean indoor and outdoor units
• Wash both coils and apply coil chemical treatment to coils as well as record off-coil temperatures
• Lubricate fan motor bearings
• Check compressor operation
• Check electrical connections
• Record compressor amps
• Clean drain pans and apply clean air treatment to unit
• Check for leaks on piping
• Report Faults (if any) and findings on excel tracking sheet


How often should you have aircon services done?


Annual servicing – This interval of servicing is the minimum requirement for any aircon unit and is mainly used with residential air-conditioning for clients who use the unit at a standard rate daily. It can also be used for office clients who utilize the aircon units at a standard rate daily.


Bi-annual servicing – This interval of servicing is used for both residential and commercial clients who have slightly heavier use of the air-conditioning units daily and require maintenance more often than once a year to ensure the unit runs optimally.


Quarterly servicing/ service contracts – bi annual at minimum or quarterly services are mainly used by certain commercial or Industrial clients. Some clients who require maintenance often may also apply for a service contract where servicing is completed at regular intervals at a reduced rate ensuring units are maintained properly whilst being economical for clients. There are other intervals such as hotel use where clients may require servicing monthly or sooner depending on level of usage


What happens in aircon services?


Aircon Services - Man servicing aircon-min


During services, the technical team will first check/test the aircon unit and then wash and clean the aircon filters and fins of the aircon unit and clean this of any dust and mould which is present. Dust build up on the filters may cause allergies, ice build-up in the aircon as well as inefficient heating and cooling. This is why it’s very important that the filters and fins are regularly washed and cleaned.


The technical team will also clean and apply a chemical coil treatment to the indoor and outdoor coils during aircon services. This ensures the unit will run optimally and removes any dirt, rust or grime which may have accumulated on the unit. Effective coil treatment also protects the unit from overheating. During aircon services a clean air treatment is also applied to the indoor and outdoor unit which protects the unit from any unwanted smells.


The technical team will also check for any leaks of refrigerant in the piping to ensure the unit is running optimally. Apart from this, the technician will also check the drain pipe for any blockages which may be present due to build-up of dirt or grime. If there are blockages, the water will be unable to expel outside and will therefore start leaking inside which can cause damages to walls or furniture nearby. The team will clean the drain pipe.


During services, the technical team will also check that the level of refrigerant gas in the system is correct as if this is not correct the unit will not heat or cool correctly as well as unwanted noise may persist due to this. If the gas is incorrect, the team will add or reduce gas as required to be at the correct level ensuring optimal running and performance of the aircon unit.


During services the technical team will lastly also check the overall performance of the aircon unit as well as the indoor and outdoor fan motors, pc boards, compressor etc. and if any problems are discovered the team will either recommend repairs or replacements if required.


How do you know if aircon services are required?


With busy schedules, it’s easy for clients to forget when their aircon services are required. However, there are some indications which can tell the client that their aircon unit is due for a service. The below are some of these indications which clients may experience:


– Unit is not heating or cooling efficiently – this suggests that the filters may be blocked or that there is a re-gas required on the unit
– There is an unusual smell coming from the aircon
– Aircon is making an unusual noise – this could be as a result of a grime, dust or mould build up on the filters/coils
– Aircon is not running optimally – unit may not be heating or cooling well or may be working like a fan or blowing out standard air
– Aircon is leaking water inside or not expelling water outside – this indicates that there may be a blockage in the drain pipe or blocked filters.
– Aircon is spitting out ice – this can be due to blocked filters. Alternatively it can be caused by the unit running at too low of a temperature thus causing the unit to build up ice in the aircon unit
– Aircon service is due – at Sucasa Air we aim to remind our clients via email at minimum once a year on their aircon services being due to ensure warranties are intact.


Advantages of aircon services



Aircon Services - Servicing of an aircon-min


There are many advantages to aircon services some of which are the below:


– Maintenance of warranty – this is extremely important as if services are not completed at the minimal interval, clients are at risk of losing their warranty which results in additional costs for spares or parts which may be required in the future.
– Increased lifespan of the unit – By completing regular aircon services, clients ensure that their aircon units are running optimally and efficiently with correct treatments and thus allowing for the unit to last them much longer.
– Quality of air is highly improved – regular clean filters/coils allow for clients to ensure that there is no dust, mould or grime build up which prevents health risks and protects clients against allergies
– Save on electricity costs – By properly maintaining your aircon unit, you also ensure unit is not over working thus resulting in less energy use and savings on your electrical consumption
– Efficient cooling and heating of unit – With proper maintenance, the unit will always run effectively on all modes and this ensures it can be used throughout all seasons
– Protection of the compressor (most expensive part) – By completing your aircon services at regular intervals, you ensure that the unit is not overworking as by not servicing for a long period of time, this may cause the aircon compressor (heart of the aircon unit) to malfunction thus rendering the aircon unit redundant/obsolete.
– Saves you money on parts in the long run by ensuring warranty is maintained

Aircon services costings


Aircon services are charged out at different rates by different companies. Aircon services are also charged based on the type of aircon unit you have as well as the size of the aircon unit. The standard mid-wall split aircon unit from sizes 9000btu up to 24000btu are charged at a standard rate. Thereafter the bigger commercial and industrial units have different costings based on the type of unit (cassette, ducted, under-ceiling, chiller systems etc). There are also service contracts which allow for a number of units being serviced at regular intervals which allow for a reduced pricing of aircon services.


Aircon services vs aircon repairs?


Many clients are unsure if their aircon unit requires a service or a repair. Aircon repairs are a bit more complicated than the standard aircon service. With repairs, there may be a quick fix, and sometimes repairs required may be extensive where additional labour and time is required, or spares/parts may be required to be replaced for the aircon to work correctly.


Sometimes spares/parts on older models may be discontinued which therefore causes the aircon unit to be redundant. This is why it is extremely important to ensure correct maintenance of the aircon unit is completed to avoid any malfunction of parts and for the longevity of the aircon unit.


At Sucasa Air we aim to ensure our clients receive good service prior to sale, during the sale as well as the best after sales service. By ensuring we send regular reminders to our clients for their services, the clients are able to ensure the unit purchased is maintained correctly and it lasts them longer than initially anticipated. Thus making the aircon purchase a long term investment and the clients having good value for their spend.


By regularly completing the aircon services clients are also able to save money on spares or parts needed in the future. We aim to keep our aircon service prices at or as close as possible to the cost for our clients to ensure it is affordable for clients to maintain their aircon units for many years.