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SucasaAir strives to provide customers with the best aircon ensures that pricing is extremely competitive within the air conditioning market as whole. We make sure that we are comparatively lower in aircon prices and in proving the high quality aircons. Our use of technology and innovative buying cycles make us unique and favorable for all buyers. Whether you have constrained budget or willing to buy stock for the entire house/office , you can find the best aircon prices at SucasaAir. By buying from us, you can enjoy your purchase by getting it on wholesale price.


How we are offering the lowest prices?


In our aircon company, we have a strong team which allows us to make strategic buying decisions. Management and team members are always negotiating with the industry leaders for bulk purchasing and in lowest most prices. Our aircon company is very good at negotiating good prices and also our online systems enable us to decrease our costs. All these efforts combined; end up in offering the customer the wholesale price.


Besides being able to purchase at low prices, we also keep our margins low. Our teams work day and night for finding the best referrals for bulk buying, which enables us to lower our aircon prices. These endless efforts of our team have given the advantage of large number of sales, that allows the economies of sales.


Our team at SucasaAir are extremely customer centric and with each passing day, they contribute to the society by rendering unmatched services. The aim of SucasaAir is to provide our customers with affordable services / products while providing the best solutions. Some of our aircon systems help to provide multi-stage air filtration that can reduce dust, pollen, allergens and other particles in the air. This is one small step towards a cleaner and environmentally friendly Gauteng.


In order to allow our aircon prices to decrease, we always compare our aircon prices have a look at the market as a whole prior to releasing pricing. Our objective is to ensure that our customers pay lower for aircon prices than those offered by our competitors. After a comprehensive analysis, we determine our aircon prices and this does not leave any room for further discount for a single buy or of a few. Perhaps on bulk buying, our sales manager may revise the aircon prices.

Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we believe in developing long-term customer relationship. We look forward to help you and make life easier for you. Our lower aircon prices may confuse buyers for the quality of services. However, our skilled staff are efficient in services either online or in-person, we do not compromise on quality and ensure our clients get the best quality items at affordable prices. This allows for our clients to purchase within their budgets and become a loyal client of SucasaAir.


We have the best deals for Aircon prices


Management at SucasaAir are constantly working on the company’s mission of providing the best aircon prices. With price support from our big suppliers we are able to offer better pricing and incentives to our clients. As soon as we get the lowered rates from our suppliers, we immediately lower aircon prices so as to give maximum advantage of the discount to our buyers. The price support may be offered for bulk orders in different ways such as price discounts, vouchers or by offering free items of good value when purchasing units. In this way, buy offering the promotional pricing, we benefit due to increase of sales.


Inverter vs Non-Inverter aircon prices


Inverter vs Non-Inverter prices are often discussed at the time of purchasing aircons. Besides being poles apart in terms of technology, both aircon types differ a lot in terms of aircon prices. The non-inverter aircon are lower in prices as they are working on the old technology. They work on the basic technology of providing heating and cooling by using fixed speed motor. The fixed speed motor makes the compressor to run on the fixed speed as well. The compressor has to start and stop when required (i.e once optimal temperature has been reached the air conditioning unit will turn off). The constant motion of “stop” and “start” results in high energy consumption.

The aircon prices of inverter units tend to be higher. The inverter units are designed in a way to keep the variable speed motor which becomes idle upon reaching the optimal temperature level. The speed motor works constantly but make itself idle at optimal temperature. This allows less consumption of electricity. The experts in our aircon company have searched for the best inverters and made them available for our customers at the most affordable prices.

Within the category of inverter models, we do also see high priced premium models which have smart features including Wifi control, reservation timing, self-diagnosis and virus doctors. These premium models come at a hefty price compared to the non-inverter units.








Which Aircon brand to choose? Aircon Prices differ in accordance to brand names


Buying an air conditioning system is a tough a task for everyone. Aircon prices increase every year and it is a big expense for homeowners and bulk buyers. The aircon market is full of different brands and they offer features which differ from one another. Deciding on one that suits your needs and pocket is daunting. To make this decision easier, you can shortlist the two global brands that are Samsung and LG. In comparison to local brands, the global brands offer higher aircon prices. The major reason is the brand name and trust of buyers all across the globe. Comprehensive warranties and the latest technology make them a favorable choice for everyone.


There are other international brands which are suitable for commercial setting such as Daikin and Carrier. They might be equally as good as Samsung and LG but are more costly. SucasaAir being a price conscious company for its buyers, do not offer these brands to clients. We believe in providing the best aircon prices with the best aircons, so we normally restrict our selves to the brands that align with this.

Besides the brands, which are normally at the top-range; you can lower your search to brands which are less popular but still work well. There are mid-range brands such as Midea and Alliance. You can get good offerings from them for air conditioning units, heat pumps and other appliances. The distribution of these units is less expensive than the higher end brands. They are cost-effective and carry industry standard warranties as well. Aircon prices between these different types of brands would significantly differ due to the features of the unit, brand equity and warranties. You can select the one that suits the needs of the living space and your budget.


Is Wi-Fi controlled really effective?


Wi-Fi controlled air conditioning units are very much in hype these days. With the integration with Amazon, Alexa and Google, the air conditioning systems can be controlled remotely. The aircon prices for these options will be at a premium as this is not currently regarded as a standard in the South African market. The ease of operating the aircon while being away is an amazing advantage but aircon prices for such units are quite high and these aircons are more popular amongst “tech-savvy” users.






Price Based On Aesthetics


At SucasaAir, we are well-stocked with a variety of aircons that differ in terms of brands, models, look and prices. We can cater for any type of customer, residential or commercial and efficiently offer the aircon according to our client’s requirements. Our recommendation of aircon depends on the customer’s preference. Some customers give top priority to design and not to aircon price or the functionality. Some clients with newly built houses, offices or service centers such as salons, gyms and indoor play areas which are aesthetically designed require air conditioning systems that blend with the theme and color of the living space.


We have models such as mirror finish or silver models which are smarter looking and more aesthetic. The aircon prices of these beautiful models are higher and have the same functional features as of the standard units. For mirror based models, LG Artcool mirror unit , Alliance Pro Mirror Inverter unit and Midea Aurora Mirror units are being profoundly purchased by our customers.


Pricing of Installation and Materials





At SuscasaAir, we offer installation services of aircons. You need a skilled and experienced technician when it is time for air conditioning installation. At SuscasaAir, our technicians are trained and knowledgeable. They are quick in installing and installation prices are as per the standard. At the time of hiring, we thoroughly check the skill-set and experience of the technicians. Up keeping the service quality right from purchase to installation is top-most priority of SuscasaAir and this has made us popular among our customers.

At SuscasaAir, we try to keep our prices as transparent as possible. We don’t believe in keeping aircon prices and installation charges hidden. There are certain cases when installation is not standard. Such as installing the air conditioning systems in at difficult places such as top-floor apartment or where there is a large distance between the internal and external units. If the unit is not a standard back to back installation, we can also assist with organizing a site visit in order to give you the accurate price of installation.


Where installations are simple and back to back, we encourage the customer to purchase the install via our store or email so that we can keep pricing low and competitive. We provide the breakdown of the costs for the client and proceed with the best way forward as per the client’s budget and approval. We recommend what materials are required to ensure installation is done correctly and efficiently.
At times, the installation takes more time than usual. This may occur due to wall design, concrete walls, or the requiring of additional materials may increase the time needed to complete installation. Unlike others, we offer a fixed price and per hour labor costs are not charged. We aim to keep the aircon prices and installation within the customer’s budget.


Supply and Demand-Impact on Pricing


SuscasaAir has technicians who are skilled and fully equipped with supplies and equipment. At times, clients may prefer to arrange installation on their own which is absolutely acceptable by us. All we want is our customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind.
At times, we are not able to send our team out for installation as the location of the customer is far from Gauteng. We normally cater for services within 40-50km radius from Midrand. In such cases, customers can enjoy the favorable aircon prices and get it delivered through courier. We are quick in sending the unit after the payment has been made online and make sure that the aircon reaches the customer’s premises in the prescribed time. We keep full track of the courier and wait for customer’s feedback upon receiving the aircon.