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Sucasa Air Aircon Company (Why Choose Us)

Welcome to Sucasa Air Conditioning, a reliable, trusted, quick and efficient aircon company based in Midrand, Gauteng. We are a trusted distributor and reseller of air conditioning units, and offer residential and commercial installations and maintenance of these air conditioning units to our clients.


We are accredited by leading brands within the air conditioning field such as Samsung and LG, and offer great affordable prices to our clients thanks to our great relationships with these brands. These high leading brands also offer great aesthetics to your home with their sleek and stylish designs.

At Sucasa Air, we offer a number of quality products which are all unique in their features, design and specs. This allows for clients to meet their specific requirements, from highest cutting edge technology products, to those who want the most energy efficient or eco friendly, as well as to those who prefer traditional air conditioner solutions.

Choosing which aircon company suits you?

Within the air conditioning industry we see that there are small, medium and large players. Each type of aircon company has their pro’s and con’s, which differentiate them from others in the industry. A small aircon company usually focuses on residential units and consists of a “man with the van”, in which it cannot handle large orders or multiple teams. A small air conditioning company can sometimes take longer to assist with backup and after sales services, due to their limited teams and sales staff or client care support.


A Medium sized aircon company usually has a number of vehicles and technicians and are usually faster at assisting with backup services. However these companies can’t offer great prices because of their limited scale of operations. Large companies have a large number of employees as well as departments including sales, spares, repairs, service, installation and commercial sales, and usually focus mainly on industrial air conditioning applications. These companies usually charge high margins for their work and sometimes can lack the personal relationship with clients that the small and medium companies have.

Sucasa Air Conditioning is an aircon company that doesn’t follow the model above. Although we are more or less aligned to the medium sized aircon company model, we have just as much customer interaction as that of a small aircon company, and we focus on all scales of work including commercial work. We run a number of teams both internally as well as on a contracting basis, which allows us to reach our new and existing clients in a quick and efficient manner, while keeping customer service and after sales service as our main focus.

Our people offer knowledge and experience which allows for our high level of service and our ability to address any concerns you may have with regards to purchasing, installing or maintaining air conditioning units. We have a small internal employee base but make up for that with innovation and systems that allow us to be as productive as companies with triple the amount of staff. We also aim to respond to emails and calls immediately, giving us an advantage with our quick turn-around time.

How our aircon company provides innovative offerings

Our technological innovations allow for customers to receive an instant quote through asking them to describe the size and type of room. We also have an online store which makes ordering an air conditioning unit online a seamless and quick task.

Our company services the whole of Gauteng, but specialise mainly in the areas within 40km from Midrand. Due to the radical temperatures we experience in Gauteng, it is imperative to choose the right company to assist with all your air conditioning requirements, as well as to get the right advice on the best system that suits your expectations. At Sucasa Air, we ensure our products have the ability to control the temperature in the best way by offering warmth in the winter months and cool air in the heat of our summer.

As a result of our innovative ways of working, we can allow for rapid order processing and installation. At most times during the year, our company can allow for installations within 48 hours from order confirmation and deposit being cleared by our accounts department. This allows us to get our clients requirements satisfied rapidly with minimal waiting time.

Why choose Sucasa Air as your aircon company

Our ompany operates in a different way from others in the market, because we put our customers first. We ensure all of our customers are happy with the final outcome, and prioritise customer satisfaction over profit margins.

Sucasa Air Conditioning supplies only the best products to our customers, meeting all of their heating and cooling needs. Our company has opted to provide brands that have a minimum of 1 year comprehensive, 5 year compressor warranty. We believe that compressors,being the heart of the air conditioning unit, should have a minimum of 5 years in terms of warranty, so that the customer has a sufficient life cycle on the unit. These units may last up to 15 years or longer with the correct maintenance being completed annually.

There are a number of brands out there that do not provide sufficient warranties on their units and the compressors within their units, and thus our aircon company has made the decision to opt not to install these for the benefit of both our customers as well as our company as a whole.


At Sucasa Air we believe in giving our customers affordable pricing on air conditioning units, with the highest service levels. We achieve this through bulk purchasing and innovative online systems which allow us to decrease our costs and provide price support to all our clients. We therefore offer wholesale pricing direct to the public.

Sucasa Air initially started off with the aim of providing customers in Gauteng with a quick and affordable way to get an air conditioning unit installed. (Allowing them to control the temperature and make their lives more comfortable in their homes and offices). Our focus has stayed the same, except we are now more aligned with providing our customers energy efficient solutions that will benefit them in the long term by saving costs on their electricity consumption. We therefore allow our customers to purchase either inverter or non inverter units, with the preference being that customers purchase inverter units, which are more energy efficient and quieter than the non-inverter models.

Inverter vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioning units

A common question that is asked by our customers, is the difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioning units. In short it can be said that an inverter aircon is more precise as they have a variable speed motor which idles once optimal temperature has been reached, and works constantly to maintain the desired temperature.

A Non-inverter Aircon provides heating or cooling using a fixed speed motor with the compressor running at a fixed speed. The compressor has to start and stop when required (i.e once optimal temperature has been reached the air conditioning unit will turn off) . Due to this starting and stopping motion, the air conditioner will consume more power as a lot of electricity will be consumed by the unit constantly turning off and on over and over again


On the other hand an inverter aircon has a controllable compressor that provides the exact amount of heating and cooling as needed. So, in terms of efficiency and precision, inverter air conditioners are much better. They work as a paced model and maintain the required temperature of the room, this is also mentioned on our website to ensure our clients are informed on the difference between the two models.

How our aircon company complies with Covid-19 regulations

With Covid-19 being present, we are an aircon company which has also allowed for flexible working whereby our teams are able to access stock which has been reserved for clients without anyone being at the office, and all our phone lines are rerouted to the relevant team/ staff members. This allows us to be the aircon company of choice, where we assist in limiting contact with each other, whilst still ensuring that our clients needs are met with the correct safety measures in place.

We also allow for online sales through our website, with all our pricing and discounts included. Clients can purchase online and have the option to collect from our Midrand branch directly, or delivery within 40km from Midrand can be arranged based on clients preference.

Our company provides a world of convenience by ensuring our teams always have additional materials in our vehicles which may be required on site (should a site inspection not be completed prior to installation being booked). Therefore, all materials required for installation are available and this saves time and money by being able to get the job done without taking more time than what is needed from our customers. We insist on transparency whereby we provide all costs as well as potential costs for any additional materials which may be required upfront and don’t surprise our customers with a final bill or hidden costs that are not discussed upfront.

How our aircon company manages client expectations

Our company also offers technical site inspections prior to installation, which allows for our clients to get an in-depth and all inclusive quote before confirming orders. Our comprehensive website, which we are constantly updating, saves customers time by addressing frequently asked questions, and alleviates some of the uncertainties that come about with ordering an air conditioning unit. We also have a gallery which gives clients insight on the different looks of the units we stock as well as different positioning of units which have been installed.

We are a flexible office, however if and when a client would like to come in and view or chat to our staff, an appointment can be set up with one of our staff for any additional information or questions which need to be asked. You will also be able to view the models we have in stock, which we have on display for our clients convenience.

We also ensure that with every quote sent on email, the brochures on all the brands we keep are attached, which includes specs and information on the different types and sizes of units. This allows clients to get an in-depth view of exactly what they are purchasing and each brand and type of aircon can be compared in order to determine what suits the client best. The brochures also include the dimensions of the different sizes of units which allow clients to ensure they have adequate space for the installation. Our high standard of products, as well as efficient service and fast turnaround times allows us to ensure customer satisfaction, and keep our clients coming back for all their current and future air conditioning requirements.

At Sucasa Air, we strive to give clients the best value for money from the leading manufacturers in the aircon industry. We are available on call, whatsapp and email and can assist with advice or quotations. All you have to do is contact us and we will help you choose the best products that suit your requirements, at the best pricing.