Airconditioning Units

Sucasa Air’s Air conditioning units offering


At Sucasa Air, we offer a number of air conditioning units to our clients. These comprise a large number of brands and sizes which are based according to customer requirements. We have units which are more suited to home use, whereas other offerings, sizes and brands are more suited to industrial and commercial use. At Sucasa Air, we cater for many, if not all of these settings and help our customers find optimal and desired solutions to effectively control the temperature within their premises.


Airconditioning units for home use




There are numerous studies that indicate that people work best and are happier in an area that is optimal in terms of temperature. Being too cold or too hot can make one’s home or workplace an inhospitable environment. Many people prefer coming home to a refreshingly cool home in the summer or a warm temperature-controlled home in the winter. Mid wall split units are the most common air conditioning unit type utilised in South Africa for residential homes.




A Midwall split airconditioning unit consists of both an indoor and outdoor condenser unit. As the name suggests the outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of the room that is being cooled/heated. The outdoor unit houses the compressor which is usually referred to as the heart of the unit as is also usually the most expensive part.


The indoor unit sits in the room and is the unit which most people are familiar with as it is featured inside the home. This is the unit that is seen inside which the air blows out of and contains the filters and in most cases the logic function for units.


Mid wall split airconditioning units utilised for home use are generally regarded as an economical purchase, as opposed to central air conditioning and commercial unit types such as cassette type and under-ceiling type air conditioning units. Midwall split unit prices range from R6500 installed, whereas cassette types start at R20000.00 upwards. In many cases midwall split units can also be better in terms of energy efficiency as they tend to require less electricity to operate.


Mid wall split units are perfect for bedrooms, lounges and offices in general and can cover from 15 to 68 square metres in homes. These units usually sit 2 metres or above on the wall, and the outside units are usually placed on slabs using rubber mounts or mounted on galvanized brackets on the outside of the premises.This makes it fairly easy to find a location to place the unit as it can be mounted immediately, or can be routed to the floor/slab with rubber mounts for aesthetic purposes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a requirement to have the unit mounted on a bracket.



Multi-split airconditioning units


There are options whereby one can install a multi-split system, where you can have more than one indoor connected to a single outdoor unit. These multi-split units make it easy to cool multiple rooms and maintain the temperature through the house or a large room through the use of multiple indoors to one outdoor. A concern noted with the multi-split units is that they are a lot more expensive than the standard single split units and are usually not at the level where they are affordable for home use. These multi-split units are usually utilised in office, retail or corporate settings where there are higher budgets allocated to units. Another concern is that if there are any malfunctions, all the split systems are unable to be used.




Benefits of split type airconditioning units


Split-type airconditioning units usually offer many advantages over other types. Once such advantage specific to home use is quiet performance and low DB noise levels. Many current air conditioning brands have optimised decibel levels to allow for the units to make little to no noise when operating. Units that work loudly are usually undesirable within the South African market whereby there are a large number of high-end users who live in gated complexes and estates. Customers within the market are generally seeking units which are quieter and do not disturb both themselves and their neighbours.


Another benefit to split-type units is that of lower energy consumption. As split units tend to be smaller, they require less energy to operate and therefore makes them more desirable for home use. Many inverter type units are also A-rated in terms of energy efficiency which allows for greater energy savings.


Split-type airconditioning units also require less maintenance than those of ducted or cassette type. The filters in a split type airconditioning unit do need to be cleaned every few months to allow for ease of operation and to mitigate the risk associated with running a unit with dusty filters. The minimum maintenance for residential mid wall split units is annually, whereas commercial and industrial unit or units in constant use require either bi-annual, quarterly or monthly maintenance.


Split-type air conditioning units also tend to be a bit more aesthetic in homes. There are a number of airconditioning brands which have manufactured aesthetic units which are please to look at in clients homes. Some of these units are mirror-finish as well as different colours and although they command a higher price, they do assist with helping with making the home look more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.


Airconditioning units for commercial use


While in certain offices, it is suitable to have a midwall split airconditioning unit, in larger spaces and areas such as office parks and warehouses, the midwall split units are not suitable and larger units are required. Some of the different types of commercial aircon units are as follows:




Ducted or centralised units – These are bigger systems that are used more in commercial and industrial settings. These work by transferring cool/warm air through a centralised unit usually in your ceiling through a number of ducts to different rooms. The air circulation is also zoned which allows you to control the air and temperature.


VRV/ VRF system – This system acts as a multi split system and works where a single centralized outdoor unit supplies air to multiple indoor units. This is a non-traditional form of HVAC. Although it may seem that this would be a cheaper option than a single split system, these units are usually priced much higher due to the technology utilised in them. They are however more energy efficient than utilising numerous single split systems.


Another cost that needs to be taken into account with VRF units is that the requirements for these are usually required to be defined by an engineer and plans are required to be drawn out prior to quoting. This usually also has a massive impact on price and is one of the reasons why installations for these on a residential setting are quite limited.


Cassette type airconditioning units – these are mounted in the ceiling with a grill which can be seen on the ceiling which disperses air throughout the area. This type of airconditioning unit also includes a built-in water pump as well.


This airconditioning unit also requires a false ceiling space in order to be installed as part of the unit and piping all run through the ceiling. This aircon unit is installed either flush in the ceiling or around an inch lower if required. This type of airconditioning unit disperses air in 4 directions and can be installed not only in commercial settings but larger residential homes as well if desired.


Although cassette types are more suited for commercial/industrial application, they can be installed in residential homes . Many of the larger cassette type units require 3 phase power to operate which is an inhibitor to installation in many residentials settings as well as the fact that they are usually double the price than that of a split unit.


Portable airconditioning units


This type of airconditioning unit is mobile where it can be easily moved to different areas compared to the other types of aircons which are fixed or mounted. This type of unit is quite heavy however it does have wheels which allow it to be moved easily.




The advantage to this type of unit is that it is able to be utilised in settings where outdoor units or airconditioning units as a whole have been prohibited. We a trend in many complexes and estates where they are not allowing the installation of fixed airconditioning units within the estate due to aesthetics. These units are placed the premises and just have an exhaust pipe which is fitted to the window and therefore it does not affect the aesthetics of the outside in any way. We have seen that these airconditioning units have become quite popular in these settings as well as other settings in which clients want an all-in-one unit.


The disadvantage of this type of unit is that the outlet pipe needs to be outside a window and it is much louder than the standard mid wall split aircon. The cooling and heating capacity of this type of unit Is also only suitable for areas under 24sqm as it is only offered in the 12000btu size.


How to SucasaAir has made purchasing airconditioning units easy


At SucasaAir we have made purchasing an airconditioning unit online very simple. We have 4 methods of contact us to assist with quotes. The first method would be to contact us with a general contact form on our site and requesting a site visit so we can define your exact airconditioning unit requirements.


The second method would be to utilise information on our site to estimate what you require based on your size of room as well as type of setting. Once you have estimate square meterage of your room , you can request pricing for that size of unit as well as brand preference and we can assist with fast-tracking the order through our online store or via email.


The third method is to contact us via email on info@sucasaair.co.za and we can then liaise with you and forward a quotation after obtaining your requirements via email. Our fourth method is to contact us via mobile or telephone so we can provide you with quote telephonically. Should you be happy with our telephonic quote on units, we can then forward you quotations via email or the units can then be purchased through our online store.


Our consultants and technicians are friendly and are happy to help guide the process to ensure that you have the right units for your situation. We have a wealth of information on our site to help facilitate this and ensure that we assist with creating value for you and making sure that your space is heating/cooled efficiently and effectively.