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May 13, 2018

Air Conditioning Specials

Air Conditioning Specials – November 2018

Air Conditioning Specials

Have a Look at our air conditioning specials below. We keep many different brands to allow our customers to have their pick of the many options out in the market. Our units come in non-inverter (Fixed Speed) as well as Inverter Models. All units supplied and installed by Sucasa Air come with a minimum of 1 year comprehensive, 5 year compressor warranty. (Please note that the units below are limited in quantity and orders will be based on a first come , first serve basis).

Massive Special – Buy 3 Aircons in October and receive a free Samsung J1 Mini Prime Smartphone


Please note that aircon installation alone will cost R1500.00 – this includes a back to back installation inclusive of brackets and drain pipe.

We have a number of aircon installers and allow for next day installation. All prices below include installation on a back to back basis.

Most Affordable Quality Unit (Non-Inverter)

Galanz GAL Mirror Fixed Speed Unit – 12000BTU – R6150 Installed

Most Recommended Inverter Unit

Samsung Maldives Inverter Unit – 9000BTU – R10000 Installed

Samsung Maldives Inverter

All prices include the supply & installation of the unit on a back to back basis. Any extras can only be determined on site. Unit sizes 24000BTU and 32000BTU require electrical which will be an additional charge of R1500 if you require Sucasa Air Conditioning to do the electrical.

Area Coverage :

9000BTU – +-18 squares

12000BTU – +-24 squares

18000BTU – +-36 squares

24000BTU – +-48 squares