A guide to aircon prices



Finding the best aircon for your environment is no easy task. There are many aspects and models with their own individual merits to consider in your choice and consideration of aircon prices. In just a few minutes of reading, find out about some top market units and how to get the best aircon prices at the same time during your search.



Understanding aircon prices



Each brand has their own individual pricing criteria, which is useful to know when comparing aircon prices. These prices depend largely on different aspects such as whether units are inverters or non-inverters, and the BTU coverage – both terms will now be explained for your convenience.



Because the aircon market consists of such a large array of different brands with their own specific aircon prices requirements, one will find a host of lower, mid, and higher range models. International brands like LG and Samsung are known to offer ranges that are more expensive, while mid range brands such as Alliance make offerings that are more affordable and budget-friendly.



Do not be discouraged by ‘range’ labels however, as these types of aircons mostly come with great warranties.


Knowing the difference between aircon prices in a non-inverter and an inverter



An inverter aircon is able to regulate the speed at which its compressor motor runs, meaning that it can adjust its speed as the temperature in the room begins to cool. The more traditional non-inverter can only run at maximum speed or stop, and it will turn off once the temperature in the space drops to the level you desire.



Saving electricity is one of the best parts about an inverter aircon, as it is able to limit its energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly as well. An inverter is quieter than its counterpart as well. For these reasons, an inverter is more expensive.



In the inverter model category, there are high priced models that contain smart features such as Wifi control, virus doctors, reservation timing as well as self-diagnosis. Therefore, it is understandable that these models are sold at much higher aircon prices than non-inverter units which do not include smart features.



Aircon prices depend on the BTU



A BTU – British thermal unit – is a number that indicates the amount of heat that an aircon can remove from a space. If you have a large room, you will need to consider a unit that has a higher BTU rating so that it works efficiently. With a smaller space, a lower BTU rating will suit your needs.



It may sound confusing, but your trusted aircon company will advise you on the best option for your space based on its measurements. A simple phone call or email with your enquiries can assist you in making the best decision.



A guide is as follows:


• 9000BTU – will be suitable for a room of about 18 square metres

12000BTU – +-24 squares

• 18000BTU – +-36 squares

• 24000BTU – +-48 squares



Aircon prices within the Samsung range



Before delving into the details about individual aircon prices, it is important to be well informed on the models that each individual brand is offering. Samsung offers several sleek and efficient air conditioning units to be considered.



All Samsung inverter models come with a 1 year comprehensive, 10 year compressor (when qualifying) and yearly maintenance. These inverters are highly energy efficient, meaning that where you spend in aircon prices, you will most likely save in electricity costs. Air conditioning units are infamously known to plow through electricity, but with these inverters, this is not the case.



Some perks of these units include:


• Sleek design with matt-white finish

• Innovative inverter capabilities which save up to 40% of electricity

• Cooling as well as heating abilities (meaning you can get rid of that old and rusty heater during winter)

• An HD filter with anti-bacterial coating

• A great sleep mode – so your room can be cooled in the quietest manner without disturbing your sleep with loud beeps



Aircon prices with Samsung models


Aircon prices in the Samsung AR 4500 range



Welcome to Samsung’s new range, the AR 4500. Its sleek and futuristic design, coupled with its innovative digital technology makes it one of the greatest ranges yet. This technology ensures that running costs are decreased significantly by maintaining the temperature you desire without repeatedly turning on and off.



The range supports both fast cooling and fast heating modes, which ensures the desired room temperature rapidly. Its sleek design means that it will balance out well with whichever environment you decide to make its new home.



The new filter protects and caters to those who battle with allergies as well as functions to prevents bacteria in the space. Like many other Samsung models, this range comes with a 5-year warranty.




A guide to aircon Prices - samsung aircon


Aircon prices for this range:



• For a smaller room, (9000BTU) you will pay R8 500.00 for this unit.

• In a bigger space, (12000BTU), you’ll pay R9 050.00.

• Finally, for a much larger area (18000BTU), this unit will cost you R11 499.00.



Aircon prices in the Samsung R5500 Digital Inverter Range (Maldives Inverter)



This new range features an 8-Pole compressor which ensures an extremely fast cooling capability ( around 18.5% faster than the normal cooling mode). The unit’s coils are protected from wear with Samsung’s DuraFin coating, and your sleep will be restful with the quiet nature of this sleek and lean machine.




A guide to aircon prices - maldives inverter




Aircon prices for this range:



• For a smaller space, (9000BTU) you will pay R10 599.00.

• For a larger, medium sized room, (12000BTU), you’ll pay R12 299.00.

• For a large room, (18000BTU) you’ll pay R15 299.00.

• Finally, for a seriously large space, (24000BTU), you’ll pay R19 799.00 for this unit.



Aircon prices for the Samsung Boracay Non Inverter



For this less expensive unit, you will pay:



• For a smaller room (9000BTU), – R7 500.00

• For a medium sized room (12000BTU), – R7 999.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU), – R11 199.00

• For a much larger space (24000BTU), – R14 499.00




A guide to aircon prices - Samsung Boracay Non Inverter




Aircon prices for the Galanz range



Galanz supplies quality and affordable air conditioning units while offering customers impressive warranties. Currently, there is one unit on offer.


Aircon prices for the Galanz GAL Premium White Non Inverter




A guide to aircon prices - Galanz GAL Premium White Non Inverter




• For a medium sized room, (12000BTU), you will pay R6 350.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU), you will pay R9 700.00



Aircon prices for LG models



The LG Artcool model is designed with the aim of harmonizing with the environment of your home, both in terms of style and function. The reflective front section of the model reflects the scene in front of it, making it an extremely visually attractive product.



Some perks of this model include:

• 70% energy saving capabilities

• Ionizer Air Purification, meaning that you will be able to breathe in fresh air with ease.

• Wifi connection for easy control

• An intuitive display

• 40% faster cooling than previous designs




A guide to aircon prices - LG




Pricing for this unit:


• For a smaller room (9000BTU) you will pay R15 900.00

• For a medium sized room (12000BTU) you will pay R17 200.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU) you will pay R22 850.00

• Finally, for a much larger environment (24000BTU) you will pay R26 400.00



Aircon prices for the LG Mega 5 Inverter



This model is a more affordable option with more accessible aircon prices, and while it provides quality capabilities and functions, it lacks some of the finer details of its above counterpart.



Pricing for this unit:


• For a medium sized room (12000BTU) you will pay R10 250.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU) you will pay R13 550.00

• For a much larger environment (24000BTU) you will pay R20 850.00




A guide to aircon prices - LG Mega 5 Inverter




Alliance aircon prices



Alliance air conditioning offers users some exciting new features and aesthetic designs to brighten your space.


Aircon prices for the New Alliance Alaskan Midwall Range


This sleek non inverter model offers cooling and heating at an affordable price as well as airflow of up to 1000mph.






Aircon prices for these units:



• For a smaller room (9000BTU) you will pay R7 200.00

• For a medium sized room (12000BTU) you can expect to pay R7 600.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU) you will pay R10 150.00

• For a big room (24000BTU) you will pay R13 650.00

• For a very large space (34000BTU) you’ll pay R18 500.00



Aircon prices for the Arctic Midwall Inverter Range



This sleekly designed range features a hidden LED temperature display as well as impressive heating and cooling capabilities. With advanced inverter technology, this range will save on electricity usage.




A guide to aircon prices - Arctic Midwall Inverter Range



Aircon prices for this range:


• For a small room (9000BTU) you can expect to pay R8 200.00

• For a medium sized room (12000BTU) you will pay R8 800.00

• For a larger space (18000BTU) you will pay R12 250.00

• For a big space (24000BTU) you will pay R15 999.00

• To cool a massive space (3000BTU) you will pay R25 450.00



Aircon prices for the Alliance Inverter Pro Mirror


This innovative range features an exciting and glamorous sheer glass reflective screen, making it one of the most visually attractive air conditioning units yet.



A guide to aircon prices - Alliance Inverter Pro Mirror




To find out about aircon prices for this gorgeous unit, email your enquiry to info@sucasaair.co.za for some assistance.



To Wifi, or not to Wifi?



The idea of having a Wifi controlled air conditioning unit is most appealing, and luckily, there is no shortage of units that are equipped with smart features allowing for Wifi control. Impressively, these units can be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa and Google in your home.



In this case, you will find these units to be of a much higher aircon prices. This is because they go above and beyond what is considered ‘standard’ right now in the South African market. For customers who enjoy technology, these models are highly recommended.



You will be able to control the aircon from anywhere in your home, and will save yourself much time in searching for the single aircon remote that you swore you left in the kitchen…


Aircon prices when it comes to installation



The price of your aircon can also be largely dependent on the type of installation you require. If these requirements deviate from the standard installation, you may need to pay extra costs for materials needed for the atypical installation.


In this case, we will allow for a site inspection so we can transparently break down the cost requirements and try to assist in the way forward with regards to sticking to a budget.
Sucasa providing the best aircon prices


Sucasa focuses on placing customers first, so as ensure that when all is said and done, the client is happy and is confident that they have made the right choice, as well stuck to their budget.


In terms of providing the best products to customers, Sucasa provides only the brands that have a minimum of 1 year comprehensive cover as well as a 5 year compressor warranty. Because the compressor is the main component of the aircon unit, it makes sense that a longer warranty is provided so in the case of a technical problem.
However, the compressor may be able to endure up to 15 years of use and perhaps even longer if yearly maintenance is provided.