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Air Conditioning Installations

We pride ourselves on neat, and efficient installations for residential and commercial applications alike. Our air conditioning installations are completed as per company policy and customer specifications.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We pride ourselves on quick reponse times for air conditioning repairs. We have great relationships with most air conditioning suppleirs and have quick turnaround times in terms of obtaining spare parts and replacing these accordingly.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We offer a variety of maintenance options. We stress the fact that all air conditioning units supplied and installed by Sucasa Air Conditioning require maintenance annually at a minimum. We offer major services of residential and commercial units at the most affordable of prices.


At Sucasa Air Conditioning we are all about giving you the best experience at the best prices
We are in this business to ensure your comfort

Sucasa Air Conditioning has around 20 years of backing and was started with the aim of ensuring our clients are getting the best services at the best prices. We have a wide network of suppliers and due to our large scale operation we are able to provide our customers with the brands that they desire at the best prices.

We are different from our providers whereby we are able to get installations scheduled within 48 hours or sooner and do not waste time in getting back to our clients. We go over and above to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our services and offerings.

Give us a call today to get your installation booked and allow us to opportunity to amaze your with our efficiency ,performance and price.

  • We stress on our customers being 100% satisfied.

  • The maximum amount of minutes it usually takes for us to provide a preliminary quote

  • We have more than 8 teams at any given time available for installations

  • We stock around 7 brands as we give our customers exactly what they request


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